ERWC is making every effort to find meeting venues during this period of government constraints!  Until these restrictions are lifted, meetings may be limited to members-only.  Non-members can ensure being kept informed about upcoming meetings by sending a request to be on the mailing list to [email protected]  Better yet, join us by requesting a membership application or simply send your membership dues to:  ERWC, PO Box 1254, Everett, WA 98206.

Annual Membership Dues

Primary (Voting) Members:  $45

     Early Bird Special - $35 - Dues paid early (October through January 31st) qualify for a special discounted rate

Non-Voting Members:
Associate Member - $25 – see note below
    Veterans Member - $15
    Junior Member (ages 13-17)- $10
    Weepublicans (ages 12 & under) - $5
Note:  Women, 18 and older, who are members of another Federated Republican Women’s Club are encouraged to join as Associate Members.  To join as an Associate Member, one must be a member of another Federated Republican Women's Club.

Men are also welcome to become Associate Members.  We have many couples who enjoy our meetings!

You may take your application form to our ERWC membership table at any meeting or mail it to ERWC, PO Box 1254, Everett, WA 98206.

(For more information please email us at [email protected])